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Jon Stewart Remembers When The NFL's Biggest Distraction Was a Gay Player
September 18 2014 1:01 PM ET

Jon Stewart Mocks NFL Over What's Really a 'Distraction'

Jami Smith

Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, remembers a simpler time when the NFL's biggest controversy was openly gay player Michael Sam.

#TBT: How the West Was Worn
September 18 2014 4:00 AM ET

How the West Was Worn 

Christopher Harrity

The most important fashion item of the 20th century — Levi Strauss jeans — based their appeal on slim-hipped cowboys in a fun-loving, all-male environment.

'Orange is the New Black' Meets 'The Golden Girls' in This Brilliant Mashup
September 15 2014 7:15 AM ET

WATCH: OITNB Meets Golden Girls in This Brilliant Mashup

Jami Smith

Here's the Orange is the New Black intro if you took out Regina Spektor and added The Golden Girls theme song. Thank you, Internet!

WATCH: The 'Apparently' Kid Tells Ellen His New Favorite Word
September 14 2014 6:00 AM ET

WATCH: The 'Apparently' Kid Tells Ellen His New Favorite Word

Jami Smith

This is apparently the cutest thing you'll see all day. Seriously.

#TBT: 12 Flaming Film Performances
September 11 2014 8:30 AM ET

#TBT: 12 Flaming Film Performances

Christopher Harrity

Call the PC Police, because we have a list of the 12 most prancing, mincing, nelly, campy, and stereotypically flaming film performances of all time for this Throwback Thursday.

WATCH: Joan Rivers' Last Episode With Bianca Del Rio is Shade Tastic
September 09 2014 6:02 PM ET

Joan Rivers' Last Show With Bianca Del Rio Is Shade-Tastic

Jami Smith

Bianca Del Rio joined host Joan Rivers in what turned out to be one of the final episodes of In Bed with Joan.

Lily Tomlin to Become First Out Lesbian Recipient of Kennedy Center Honors
September 09 2014 4:30 AM ET

Lily Tomlin Named First Lesbian to Win Huge Honor

Trudy Ring

Tomlin will be honored for her lifetime contribution to the performing arts.

Comedian, Gay Fan Favorite Joan Rivers Is Dead at 81
September 04 2014 3:13 PM ET

Comedian, Gay Fan Favorite Joan Rivers Is Dead at 81

Daniel Reynolds

The comedian died a week after cardiac arrest during a surgical procedure.

#TBT: Back to the Gay Future
September 04 2014 4:00 AM ET

Back to the Gay Future

Christopher Harrity

The golden age of science fiction magazines served up some interesting queerish images. We have seen the future, and the future is gay.

WATCH: Michael Sam Should 'Gay It Up,' Says 'Daily Show'
August 28 2014 4:15 PM ET

WATCH: Michael Sam Should 'Gay It Up,' Says Daily Show

Rebecca Juro

Skewering recent ESPN coverage, a Daily Show correspondent says Sam's teammates are disappointed he isn't engaging in sexually suggestive horseplay with them.

#TBT: Posters of Male Nudes
August 28 2014 11:30 AM ET

When the Male Nude Was a Selling Point

Christopher Harrity

Using naked men to sell your product is not a new idea. Seems there has always been room for a sexy hunk on a display poster.

WATCH: Lesbian Teen's Perfect Parody Of Westboro's Antigay Panic!
August 23 2014 1:34 PM ET

WATCH: Lesbian Teen's Perfect Parody Of Westboro's Antigay Panic!

Sunnivie Brydum

After the Westboro Baptist Church targeted Panic! At The Disco, a a 16-year-old Scottish fan had a few choice words to sing back to the antigay group.

Comedian's Billboard Taunts Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka
August 20 2014 1:26 PM ET

God Wages Ad Campaign Against Westboro

Michelle Garcia

The person or people behind God's social media accounts say the Westboro Baptist Church has been putting words in his mouth.